Niche Website Marketing

Niche Websites are sites that are clearly focused on a single product, theme, market segment, or set of keywords. By creating a website based around a highly focused niche you can considerably reduce the number of competitors and “zero-in” on your target market. Obviously, if done correctly a focused Niche Website Marketing campaign can dramatically increase your conversion rates and overall sales because you can directly target ready buyers.

We have a great deal of experience in building and marketing custom Niche Websites and helping clients to orchestrate Niche Marketing campaigns involving several niche sites. Often Niche-sites are referred to as “mini-sites” as well, but this is a bit misleading as these sites can often be very complex sites.

Niche websites are stand alone websites not connected to other websites and require their own marketing efforts, usually Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mainstream Media Works specializes in Niche Website Marketing. Contact Mainstream Media Works today to determine how Niche Marketing can increase your online sales.

  • Capitalize on a group of passionate consumers
  • Rank high on unique keywords related search terms
  • Own multiple profitable websites
  • Dominate your competition in sales from Web traffic

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