How Do You Use Evergreen Content on a Website? Frequently Asked Questions Page & More

When it comes to successfully marketing your business, having the right content on your website is key. You want the content you put on your site to attract more traffic to your website on a daily basis. Mainstream Media Works is here to talk about evergreen content, what it is, and some ideas of how to get it for your website.

What is Evergreen Content?

Just like an evergreen tree stays green always, when you are talking about evergreen content, you are talking about content that will be relevant and sustainable for a longer period of time. This content will stay relevant longer and will only need minor changes here and there. It is an editor’s job to make sure the content stays relevant and up to date.

Experiment with Different Forms of Evergreen Content

If you don’t have any evergreen content on your blog or website, there are several different ways that you can add it and start building. Evergreen content comes in many different forms. Some of the include the following:
– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
– Tutorials
– “How To” Guides
– Testimonials
– Glossaries
– “History of” Articles
– Industry Resources

How to Get Started in Creating Evergreen Content

When you are trying to create long term traffic to your website or blog, there is no doubt that evergreen content will get you there. It can feel overwhelming to create this kind of content if you haven’t ever focused on it before. Here are a few tips for how to get started.
– Content About Your Brand: You are going to want to put content on your website that is about the services that you offer. This content is going to be what people think of when they think of your business, so decide what you want to be known for.
– Think Timeless: Even the dictionary has to be updated from time to time. Avoid putting content on your blog that is yesterday’s news. Think of content that is fresh and appealing.
– Be Personable: You don’t want to take the emotion out of your website or blog. You want people to feel something when they are reading your content. It should hold their attention and sometimes even offer entertainment.
– Leave Out Dates: It may be tempting to put dates on your articles. The reason we say to avoid this is because when you put a date on it, the content will almost immediately feel like it is outdated.

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If you have a business that you are interested in making more relevant on the web, you need the help of the SEO professionals at Mainstream Media Works. We can help make your website a success with evergreen content that will keep your audience engaged. Our team will help you educate your audience and produce posts that will help them recognize their needs. Call us today!

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